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June 07, 2009



Perhaps it depends on your goal. My goal isn't to be seen as the smartest programmer: my goal is to make those around me capable of being the smartest programmer. I don't *want* to be the "go-to" guy: I want a *team* of go-to-ees.

Bruce Goldstein

Surrounding yourself with great programmers is jut shifting responsibility. You are saying let someone else solve everything. Everyone should look inwards to bring out some degree of a great programmer (should be their goal at least).


Capitalism has not brought the benefits you describe. The peak era of capitalism was the 19th century and early 20th century - when children were forced to labour for 12+ hour days for a pittance, and corporations were backed by governments who would send in the Army to slaughter striking workers who wanted such incredibly evil things as a safe working environment and a salary high enough to be able to support their families.

Communism was a direct rebuttal to capitalism, which was (and is) a truly foul and disgusting social creed. Modern capitalism is very different, as it has been locked down and tamed by socialist principles, such as "it's bad to poison your customers with addictive and cancer-producing chemicals".

But yeah - a healthy ego is good, as is incentive-schemes that reward the egos. Pride in workmanship isn't valued as high as it should be.


Think of "ego-less" more in the Buddhist sense than in the communist sense. That means being less attached to your own personal creation and being able to adapt.


I think the question is "what defines your ego?"

If your ego is defined by how other people see you, then you can't admit mistakes, or be seen learning something new. You have to be perfect. These guys might have high IQs, but they're not good employees.

If your ego is defined by what you can do, then it doesn't matter how big that ego is. You're driven trying to increase the number and power of the things you can do. These guys go beyond their IQ.

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