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July 14, 2009


Jordan Zimmerman

I'm just learning Scala. But if it makes written concurrent code less error prone then it will be a winner. Do you have any thoughts on this? If it's no easier than Java then there's no point in it.

Concurrency is the "pointer", "goto" (name your evil) of programming today. We need a better solution.

James Strachan

So you're saying there no point Scala being lots better at lots of things in Java if it can't do a few impossible things like change the JVM from inside the Scala bytecode to support full tail calls in all circumstances or magically avoid deadlocks which noone has yet figured out a way to do?

Scala isn't trying to fool anyone; it describes how to use tail calls properly to avoid recursion (i.e. how to optimise recursion on the JVM) and how to use actors properly using immutable state.

What more do you want it to do? Make your coffee as well? Invent a perpetual motion machine? Its a programming language, that is all - just a very good one! :)


my point exactly, it's just a programming language, not a silver bullet!

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